Banning Books and Defining YA Today

Canutillo, Texas, struggles with what is acceptable

Paul A. DeStefano
4 min readNov 17, 2021

As soon as what was soon defined as ‘pornographic imagery’ was found in a graphic novel (a comic book format) titled Gender Queer by Maia Kobabe, targeting LGBTQ teens, parents demanded the book be removed from shelves.

It was.

Unsatisfied, in mid-November, 2021, a group wants a complete review of over 15,000 books to remove all content they have deemed unacceptable. Parents showed up to meetings with wheel barrows full of books they decided needed to be removed.

The battle rears again. What is YA? What is acceptable content?

A quick set of definitions for readers not familiar with industry words. Graphic Novel — picture a bound comic book. NOT a comic with graphic content. Graphic here means picture, not explicit. YA — Young Adult- Traditionally 12–18 years old. MG is Middle grade, which is younger readers. NA is New Adult, which is older.

Decades ago, the definition was clearer. YA was Young Adult. The topics were written at an easy reading level and stayed in fairly ‘wholesome’ territory. There was minimal violence, no cursing and definitely no sexual content.

YA once was defined as G rated kids stuff. Not anymore. The market, if not the…



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